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Acoustic Yard

Handpan drum (Handmade)

Handpan drum (Handmade)

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The range of the instrument is from E3 to C#5.

It comes with premarked positions for the magnets, playing mallets, carrying case and the Book Of Scales.

The wood used shows its natural color. The playing and bottom surface may have unique and random patterns that occurred during the nitreding process. We preserve and protect them using micro crystallic wax. Each instrument is unique.


Tunable Yes

Wooden Ring Zebrano

Book of Scales Yes

Tuning magnets position marked Yes

Hand Tuned Yes

Nitreded steel Yes

Mechanically and hand hammered Yes

Laser Cut Technology Yes

Tuning magnets Yes

Currying Case Yes

Playing mallets Yes

On line tuning support Yes

Diameter 50 cm

Height 14 cm

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