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Aiersi RR49D Portable Keyboard

Aiersi RR49D Portable Keyboard

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This roll-up keyboard is a design perfect for children, beginners or even intermediate players looking to exercise on the go.


1. 49 key soft keyboard keys from C4-C8.

2. Rhythm, drums, sound effects, and chord learning function keys.

3. There are 8 drum modes with 16 levels of volume control, 32 levels of rhythm control in each mode and a power saving sleep mode.

4. 16 sound functions.

5. 10 point rhythms selection.

6. Built in 6 demo songs for your appreciation and learning.

7. Recording and playback functions.

8. Built-in speaker, fully adjustable volume and lighting system.

9. Headphone jack (3.5 mm) and a power connector.

10. Easy to roll up for storage and carrying.

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