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Blackstar Core 40 Electric Guitar Amplifier

Blackstar Core 40 Electric Guitar Amplifier

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ID:Core V3 — Blackstar's Best-selling Practice Amps Just Got Better

A sleeker editor, a powerful new cab simulator, and even more-immersive stereo effects make the third generation of Blackstar's ID:Core 40 combo the ultimate practice amp and an essential single-handed session tool. Choose from six inspiring amp voices that run the gamut from classic cleans to scorching leads. Dial in the perfect blend of American and British character with Blackstar's patented ISF control. Add gloss and dimension to your playing with built-in modulation, delay, and reverb effects as Blackstar's Super Wide Stereo technology envelops you in immersive sound. There's even an onboard TRRS Line In/Streaming jack so that you can film guitar covers and capture performances directly onto your phone using sounds from the amp. Blackstar's ID:Core line of modeling amps have persisted as some of Sweetwater's best sellers among beginning guitarists and light-traveling session artists. And with the Blackstar ID:Core 40 V3, the best just got better.

Loaded with six inspiring amp voices

  • Clean Warm: A classic clean amp with ample dynamics
  • Clean Bright: A boutique-voiced amp that breaks up when pushed hard
  • Crunch: A rowdy amp that delivers classic medium-gain overdrive
  • Super Crunch: A muscular-sounding amp that yields more gain and punch than Crunch
  • OD 1: A hot-rodded amp with plentiful overdrive
  • OD 2: A juiced-up amp with raunchy mid-boosted overdrive

Packed with all the effects you'll need

  • Modulations: Phaser, Chorus/Flanger, Tremolo, and an Envelope Filter infuse your sound with tonal color
  • Delays: Linear, Analogue, Tape, and Multi delays offer everything from vintage to modern time-based effects
  • Reverbs: Hall, Spring, and Plate reverbs add immersive stereo dimension to your playing
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