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Yamaha FG 401W (1975) Vintage

Yamaha FG 401W (1975) Vintage

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YAMAHA FG-401W with AdjustableBridge 1975-80 Orange label

YAMAHA, Japan's leading manufacturer of acoustic guitars, was founded in 1897 as Nippon Gakki NIPPONGAKKI, a manufacturer of organs. In 1966, YAMAHA launched its first original design acoustic guitar in Japan, the "FG".

In addition to a small body that is easy to hold, they have developed and introduced technology that produces a sound that is as good as that of veneer, even with plywood, to suit the Japanese climate.

The FG-401W is one of the most unique guitars in YAMAHA's lineup, produced only for five years from 1975 to 1980 during the orange label period. YAMAHA Dreadnought body shape. It has an eye-catching large red flower pickguard and It has a large, eye-catching red flower pickguard and an AdjustableBridge, which is rare for YAMAHA.

The red flower, engraved on the thick pickguard and expressed in three colors of white green and red, is very attractive.
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